Kikeriki! is a rockin’ live action/2D animated series about friendship, fun and MAKING MUSIC. 


The series is about a band called The Kikeriki´s - a bunch of friends both animated and human who like to hang-out together and try to make sense of the world by putting their experiences into songs.  The Kikeriki´s discover that music can sometimes explain things better than just words alone, and that any obstacle can be overcome if they do things “The Kikeriki Way” – with humour, heart and lots of self belief.

Set in urban Berlin, each of the series´ 39 episodes combines traditional narrative with animated punctuations and a music video showcasing an original pop song.  

Taking inspiration from shows like Flight of the Conchords, Sesame Street and The Muppets and musical influences such as Feist, Mika and The Ting Tings,  Kikeriki! hopes to bring back the long-forgotten genre of  family entertainment. It is a truly original concept combining heartwarming stories with humour and song to create a fresh new voice for kids and parents in 2017.  













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7 year-old Iris, our protagonist is confident, assertive  and The Kikeriki´s natural leader.  She is kind and curious and loves nature just like her Granny who taught her how to star gaze and tend her garden.  Iris likes it best when things go to plan and is easily frustrated if something doesn´t work out.  She is also not a fan of unanswered questions or unnecessary chaos.  Iris´likes to sing and play the ukulele in the Kikeriki band.







Iris´best friend Rooster is a rare chicken breed who loves to dance and rap.  What he lacks in grace (he can sometimes be a little clumsy) he makes up for in enthusiasm and always comes up with some very original dance moves.  Rooster´s dream is to fly one day - in the meantime he zips around on his skateboard which is almost as good.  Besides supporting The Kikeriki´s with his choreography, he occasionally raps in their songs or operates a DJ set.  Rooster´s signature cock-crow is ´Kikeriki-Cool´ which he is prone to blurt out at inopportune moments when he is overcome with excitement!






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Although Kikeriki´s resident drummer, Boris,  is big he is actually a very gentle peace-loving fellow whose favourite past-time is relaxing in his hammock with a nice cup of tea.  He is intelligent and well read but a man of few words who prefers to play a  supporting role both in the band and in life.   Besides drinking tea he loves collecting old jazz records, reciting poetry and and eating incomprehensible amounts chocolate ice-cream!






Sarah is lead singer of The Kikeriki´s and master of the keytar.  Her choice of instrument goes hand in hand with her love of all things 80´s - Rom-Coms, jazz runs, spandex and mix tapes.  She also really likes red lipstick and is never really seen without it on.  The daughter of two hippies, she is bubbly and feminine and always looks on the sunny side of life.    Sarah loves experimenting with fashion and regularly turns up to rehearsals in a new ´self-made´ creation. Her other passions are interior decorating, french films and vegetarian food.  







Andrea, the Kikeriki´s other lead singer is sporty,  adventurous and  a bit of a tomboy at heart.  She is a dreamer, so can come across as being a little vague and absent minded and is not the most punctual member of The Kikeriki´s.  She loves playing practical jokes on her band members (especially Boris), gardening with Iris and is The Kikeriki´s tech girl - if a piece of equipment is broken or an instrument needs tuning, she´s the gal to go to..  Like Rooster, Andrea is always full of energy, and likes to challenge him to rapping duels when she´s feeling inspired.  She is a fan of adventure movies, peanut butter and ping-pong.  





The band’s bass man is smart and organised and, unlike Andrea, always on time. He has a great sense of humour but is easy to scare and afraid of a lot of things like dogs and spiders. His trademark is a large collection of brightly coloured trainers, which he always wears on rotation.  Aside from playing bass, Amil is really into cooking, soduku and wildlife documentaries.  Amil owns an orange fold-away bike on which he zips around town, often on his way to the comic book store to get new reading material.








Lori and Iggy are siblings and a very rare kind of rabbit/pig cross with two big front teeth. They  are without a doubt  the Kikeriki´s biggest fans and can always be seen with their band t-shirts on peering through the clubhouse windows trying to hear what the band are up to.     

Although they are a little bit on the shy side, Lori and Iggy can´t help but groove and sing along to the Kikeriki´s music.  Their collective dream is to grown-up really fast so that they can join the band too and play in front of all their friends.  At home, they have already started practising on their piano in preparation for the big day - Lori taking the right hand notes and Iggy the left hand bass. 







Because of their Dutch heritage, the Kikeriki frogs are called Kikkers. Each Kikker has its own trademark colour, but they all share the ability to glow in the dark which makes them great disco lights. Despite the fact that they only talk in their own cryptic language, they are actually excellent singers and are often called upon to sing backing vocals for the Kikeirki´s.  They are almost always in a good mood.







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