A New Logo for Kikeriki!

The time has come folks to unveil our new series logo.  Many thanks and congratulations go to the supremely talented Tom Schirdewahn at Moviebrats for nailing it.  We wanted our logo to be typically ´Berlin´, hence the suggestion of urban graffiti in the type.  We also wanted it to look like the band had kind of designed it themselves to slap on the front of their VW tour bus.  Being the Kikeriki Band´s only fans, it is pretty likely that The Pibbits, Lori and Iggy, hastily wrote Kikeriki with a thick marker pen, before Iris added a final feminine flourish with her signature daisy.  


The Kikeriki Show reaches end stage development!

With the help of some amazing partners the two-lady team at Kikeriki are very pleased to amnounce that we are nearly the end of our last stage of develpement for the series.   It has been a long but very rewarding journey which has included completing two series scripts and designing a new series logo as well as storyboarding, voicing and editing two animatic sequences that will give our broadcasters, investors and co-production partners a better idea of how each episode will look and feel.  Our head writer Davey Moore and script editor Jason Tammemägi did an incredible job bringing the world of the show and the band to life.  They just got it.   Together they managed to do the impossible - to capture the tone and humour of the series perfectly without losing the heart of the show or the sensitivity needed when writing about the milestones of young kids.  Our Irish partners over at Kavaleer really helped with our development strategy and Gary Timpson was an invaluable source of wisdom when it came to joining all the dots (and there were a lot of dots, let me tell you!!).  We are now on the final stage of our journey with a wonderful Berlin-based company called Movie Brats (http://moviebrats.com).  Tom Schirdewahn not only designed our new series logo for us but production designed and storyboarded an entire episode (Wobbly Tooth) and is now hard at work on the final edit.  And..last but not least, we have to thank our voice actors - Michael, Rupert, Gracie - you are all genius.  Looking forward to sharing everything with you all soon. 

Kikeriki! Receives Regional Series Development Funding


We are very pleased to announce that Kikeriki - our 52-part series has received development funding from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.  This precious financial injection will help us to complete our final development phase together with our co-Production partner, Kavaleer, and will hopefully help to secure the confidence of other funding bodies in Germany and abroad as we move into pre-production at the end of the year.  Many thanks to Medienboard (for taking a chance on a little fish) and to our terrific representative there, Alex Röhl, who helped guide us through the challenging process and evidently did an amazing job pitching our series to the board.  Thank you as well to Gary Timpson, Quentin Bruns, Anouk van Ghemen and Nikita at Paper Twins for remaining calm when dealing with a sleep deprived, technologically challenged new mother sobbing over a snapped USB stick (sad but very true!).  We can´t wait to see what exciting developments the next six month will bring.  

For a full list of funded projects please click hier.

Cartoon Forum....Just Around the Corner

The two-gal team at Kikeriki Productions are currently gearing up for Cartoon Forum - a meeting and pitching platform for international animation projects in Toulouse from the 15th to the 18th September.  There will be more than 850 participants, 250 buyers lots of good French wine and from what we hear a lot of fun excursions.  For anyone attending, we will be pitching at 11am on Wednesday 16th in the pink room (of course).  Stay tuned for plenty of news and photos from said event!  

Source: http://www.cartoon-media.eu

Kikeriki! - Best Project Pick at the APD, Stuttgart May, 2015

The team at Kikeriki Productions were once again chosen to pitch our Series at one of the biggest markets in Europe - the Animation Production Day, held in Stuttgart in the first week of May.  The atmosphere was incredibly supportive and meetings were aplenty which demanded a great deal of talking - even for Andrea who counts talking among one of her favourite pastimes!  Once again we were humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to our series concept.  Many thanks especially to Marlene, Sandra, Christoph, Dominique, Gisela and Annick and to all attending producers and broadcasters who voted us amongst the top three projects of the market (together with ´Wonderland Comes to Alice´by Wunderwerk and ´Animanimals´by Studio Film Bilder.).  The Jury included German broadcasters:  ZDF, KIKA, Super RTL, HR, SWR, YFE and Disney Germany.  

Each of the prizewinners were given automatic entry into this years Cartoon Forum - a big deal for a two-lady company with humble roots such as ours.    Next stop Toulouse!    

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Kikeriki! at Cinekid for Professionals, 2014

The team were so excited a few months ago to have Kikeriki! selected as one of 30 projects chosen to take part in the Cinekid Junior Co-Production Market, held in Amsterdam, October 2014.  It was a whirlwind 3 days of networking and pitching in a gorgeous setting at the Westergasfabriek in one of our favourite cities.  After pitching the project in the Cross Media Category, Kikeriki! was nominated for a Best Project Award by the judges.   It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other creators and producers in a relaxed and supportive environment and the Kik team skilled up and learned a lot and made a lot of great friends in the process.  An amazing experience!  Thanks for having us Cinekid! (And thanks to Fleur and Fay in particular!) 

Winners and nominees (including Andrea and Sarah!) at Cinekid For Professionals, 2014.    

Winners and nominees (including Andrea and Sarah!) at Cinekid For Professionals, 2014.