The Kikeriki Show reaches end stage development!

With the help of some amazing partners the two-lady team at Kikeriki are very pleased to amnounce that we are nearly the end of our last stage of develpement for the series.   It has been a long but very rewarding journey which has included completing two series scripts and designing a new series logo as well as storyboarding, voicing and editing two animatic sequences that will give our broadcasters, investors and co-production partners a better idea of how each episode will look and feel.  Our head writer Davey Moore and script editor Jason Tammemägi did an incredible job bringing the world of the show and the band to life.  They just got it.   Together they managed to do the impossible - to capture the tone and humour of the series perfectly without losing the heart of the show or the sensitivity needed when writing about the milestones of young kids.  Our Irish partners over at Kavaleer really helped with our development strategy and Gary Timpson was an invaluable source of wisdom when it came to joining all the dots (and there were a lot of dots, let me tell you!!).  We are now on the final stage of our journey with a wonderful Berlin-based company called Movie Brats (  Tom Schirdewahn not only designed our new series logo for us but production designed and storyboarded an entire episode (Wobbly Tooth) and is now hard at work on the final edit.  And..last but not least, we have to thank our voice actors - Michael, Rupert, Gracie - you are all genius.  Looking forward to sharing everything with you all soon.