Kikeriki! Receives Regional Series Development Funding


We are very pleased to announce that Kikeriki - our 52-part series has received development funding from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.  This precious financial injection will help us to complete our final development phase together with our co-Production partner, Kavaleer, and will hopefully help to secure the confidence of other funding bodies in Germany and abroad as we move into pre-production at the end of the year.  Many thanks to Medienboard (for taking a chance on a little fish) and to our terrific representative there, Alex Röhl, who helped guide us through the challenging process and evidently did an amazing job pitching our series to the board.  Thank you as well to Gary Timpson, Quentin Bruns, Anouk van Ghemen and Nikita at Paper Twins for remaining calm when dealing with a sleep deprived, technologically challenged new mother sobbing over a snapped USB stick (sad but very true!).  We can´t wait to see what exciting developments the next six month will bring.  

For a full list of funded projects please click hier.